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  • Mytra Fusion Body Shield

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    Upgrade your MMA and Muay Thai coaching routine with this durable protective body shield. Take the hardest of body kicks from your sparring partner with this ultra-padded synthetic leather rib shield.

  • Mytra Fusion Boxing Shin Guard

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    Protect the delicate shin area during training with our Mytra Fusion Boxing Shin Guard. Polyester coating makes it resistant to tears, shrinkage or stretching while our advanced padding system offers shock absorption.

  • Mytra Fusion Coach Kit Bag

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    Carry all your MMA kit in style with this breathable, odour resistant mesh kit bag, available in two sizes.

  • Mytra Fusion Dummy Focus Pad

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    Take training to the next level with the Mytra Fusion Dummy Focus Pad, it truly is a trainer’s delight and enhances a fighter’s technique by providing a realistic target for MMA, Muay Thai or boxing.

  • Mytra Fusion Dummy Head Focus Pad

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    Sharpen your accuracy when training with a partner by training with a realistic target.

  • Mytra Fusion GelCore Target Taekwondo Paddle

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    Mytra Fusion taekwondo racket is a prime addition in the Mytra training gear range. Mytra fusion Taekwondo TKD paddle is a genuine design for the training and martial artists. Made using High quality extremely durable strong FK-Fiber which can withstand the most forcible punishment. This Taekwondo target is used for (or other Martial Arts) athletes to practice low and high kicks!

    This double side’s target, Enhance your speed, accuracy and strength. Focus Target made of high-quality synthetic Leather inside super Eva & polyethylene soft foam padding with holding wrist strap to stop the kick pad from dropping the Ultra UKL-Micro Fiber makes this strike pad extremely durable and long lasting.

    The internal Tri-layered GX-Core fiber padding allow the strike shield to bear the strongest impacts of force. The tkd paddle incorporates the EC-Gel C-Shock technology that disseminates the impact of force equally throughout the pad and resists its transformation to the connecting surface which reduces the risk of injury to the minimum.

    HEAD claims that the Gel-core material uniformly absorbing and distributing the impact load around the entire frame and gives holder a better air-flow which avoids getting sweaty and slippery.

    The PX-Fiber composition makes this pad extremely lightweight and easy to carry which ensures a perfect training technique. Resistant to multiple blows, so that the target will more durable for long time use.

  • Mytra Fusion HardCore Focus Mitt

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    Stylish and functional focus mitts to give a boost to your training.

  • Mytra Fusion Heavy Duty Body Shield

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    Protect your whole body while training with a partner for a realistic training setting. No need to hold your punches with this piece of kit!

  • Mytra Fusion M1 Strike Shield

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    Level up your training with a durable this versatile strike shield, built to last the toughest sessions.

  • Mytra Fusion Real Leather Focus Mitt

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    Made from superior quality genuine leather, this leather training mitt’s maximum durability make it the only choice for fighters.


  • Mytra Fusion Round Strike Pad

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    Reinforced handles make this the most reliable training accessory.

  • Mytra Fusion Stick Mitts

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    Switch up your training and practise your offense and defence at the same time.