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  • Mytra Fusion 4-inch Pink Leather Weight Lifting Belt

    £24.99 Select options

    Push it to the limit with peace of mind with our power lifting belt to give you ultimate back support. Made from premium napa leather in vibrant pink.

  • Mytra Fusion 4-inch Weight Lifting Belt

    £24.99 Select options

    Push it to the limit with peace of mind with our power lifting belt to give you ultimate back support. Made from premium napa leather.


  • Mytra Fusion 6-inch Weight Lifting Belt

    £24.99 Select options

    Mytra Fusion 6 inch Leather courted power lifting back support belt is one of the best addition in the gym and fitness range by Mytra Fusion . Made from high quality durable genuine Nappa cow grain leather this best has no match in style and comfort.

  • Mytra Fusion Ab Straps

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    Tone, trim and condition your abs using the Mytra Fusion ab strap, which are equipped with sturdy, steel carabiners that can handle just about any body weight. They offer aadequate amount of padding, so discomfort shouldn’t hinder your workout.

    Whether your go-to move is a simple leg-raising exercise or twisting vertical crunches, the Mytra Fusion ab strap will provide the stability and comfort to aid you in executing your workout effectively. They’re simple to hang and suitable for both men and women.

    In order to perform hanging trunk rotations or oblique knee raises, you need a reliable grip and a well-balanced sling, both of which the Mytra Fusion provide. If you’re dreaming about a washboard belly, these are a step in the right direction.

    Engineered to distribute your weight evenly, the Mytra Fusion ab strap provide enough arm space to perform exercises comfortably, so you feel stable and secure through intense routines. They are ideal for isolating individual muscles to enhance your results.

    Mytra Ab strap aid hanging exercises which force you to engage your entire core. They click on easily and securely, and allow you to engage your abdominal and oblique muscles.

  • Mytra Fusion Adjustable Skipping Rope with Plastic Handle

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    A good reason to go for this adjustable jump rope with plastic handles is it adaptable design. It does not just burn calories but goes out it purpose by helping martial artists, MMA practitioners and boxers in their strength and coordination trainings.

    Its user-friendly construction besides assuring speed jumping makes it highly recommendable for cross-fits, cross over, heel to heel , toe to toe, heel to toe, double under, fancy hand movement, free style jumping, Straddle Cross, arm wrap, can can and shuffle etc.

    It provides variety of benefits to its user besides giving them cheap yet very effective full body workout like enhanced leg speed, footwork, coordination and improved agility. Continuous use can help you achieve well toned muscles and developed thighs. If you find gym workouts exhausting let this Mytra Fusion adjustable jump rope do the work for you.

    This Mytra fusion adjustable skipping rope can be adjusted by just loosening up the screw, cutting off the extra and the jump rope is good to go by just plugging back the rubber cap. If you are training for cross fit competition, or working on shedding extra weight and you want to make this fitness thing more fun and easier than you should give this jump

    rope a shot.

    It is originally developed to bring revolutionary changes to your body and is constructed to give you the perfect shape you long for the entire summer. Its adaptable design and durable nature makes it recommendable for MMA, Boxing, and Martial Arts training as well. Comes in attractive colors

  • Mytra Fusion Ankle Brace

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    Mytra Fusion ankle sleeves are considered to be one of the most prime additions in Mytra Fusion protective gear range. Mytra Fusion ankle brace series is specifically designed to provide support and protection athlete needs to have during intense training sessions.

    It does not just to save athlete’s ankle from injuries but also provide remarkable protection to the soft bones of athlete’s foot by keeping them compressed during high performance activities.

    It allows a greater range of motion, which makes it ideal for high performance sports or arthritic pain. This ankle brace has dual properties as it protects the ankle from injuries during the action time and also has the ability to heal the broken or injured ankle.

    JK-anti microbial treatment does not just speed up the healing process but also eases the pain .Incorporated defense mechanism fights against bacterial growth, thus makes it best ankle sleeve available in the market.

    It Prevent ankle joint , ligament and muscle injuries during basketball, football, badminton, volleyball, tennis, netball, baseball, Cross Fit, cycling, running, dancing, hiking, training etc. They are also perfect for ankle postoperative immobilization and rehabilitation period strength.

  • Mytra Fusion Ankle Brace

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    The Mytra Fusion neoprene ankle brace is a must have from our protective gear range to offer support and compression during sparring or training.