Gym Gloves

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  • Mytra Fusion Bar Grips

    £9.99 Select options

    Boost your grip strength and maximise your workout with the Mytra Fusions Bar Grips, perfect for heavy duty lifting. Sponge-X EZ-grip technology provides ultimate support where you need it most when cross-fitting, bodybuilding or powerlifting.

  • Mytra Fusion Fitness Gloves

    £14.99 Select options

    Anyone taking their fitness seriously should have a pair of these durable gloves to protect your hands during harsh workouts.

  • Mytra Fusion Grip Pads

    £12.99 Select options

    Say goodbye to barbel slippage with Mytra Fusion’s Grip Pads, with gel infused rubberised padding to help protect your hands while weightlifting and provide superior grip. Made with water-resistant neoprene that’s both durable and breathable, Mytra’s grip pads let you lift in comfort.

  • Mytra Fusion Grip Pads With Straps

    £14.99 Select options

    Ideal for all types of weight lifting, the Mytra Fusion Grip Pads With Straps make bar slippage and aching hands a thing of the past. Designed with your comfort in mind, the gel padded moisture-wicking material with straps for extra hold means you can focus on your form not your grip.

  • Mytra Fusion N3 Grip Pads

    £17.99 Select options

    For ultimate comfort during those heavy lifting sessions, Mytra’s N3 Grip Pads wrap all the way around the hand for complete protection. Our gel padded cushioning on the palms and rubberised anti-slip material ensures that the barbel will stay in place throughout your workout.