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  • Mytra Fusion Ab Straps

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    Tone, trim and condition your abs using the Mytra Fusion ab strap, which are equipped with sturdy, steel carabiners that can handle just about any body weight. They offer aadequate amount of padding, so discomfort shouldn’t hinder your workout.

    Whether your go-to move is a simple leg-raising exercise or twisting vertical crunches, the Mytra Fusion ab strap will provide the stability and comfort to aid you in executing your workout effectively. They’re simple to hang and suitable for both men and women.

    In order to perform hanging trunk rotations or oblique knee raises, you need a reliable grip and a well-balanced sling, both of which the Mytra Fusion provide. If you’re dreaming about a washboard belly, these are a step in the right direction.

    Engineered to distribute your weight evenly, the Mytra Fusion ab strap provide enough arm space to perform exercises comfortably, so you feel stable and secure through intense routines. They are ideal for isolating individual muscles to enhance your results.

    Mytra Ab strap aid hanging exercises which force you to engage your entire core. They click on easily and securely, and allow you to engage your abdominal and oblique muscles.

  • Mytra Fusion Ankle Cuff Straps

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    Compact and comfortable, the Mytra Fusion ankle weight strap are the prime choice for people who enjoy extended workouts and want to maximize their time. They feature convenient cushioned flaps that protect your ankles and help ensure stability.
    A sleek and attractive design makes the Mytra ankle gym strap a fashionable choice for use in gym, or down at the yoga studio. The straps allow you to tighten them to your liking to keep them from sliding.
    Designed with a woman in mind, but strong enough to serve as a wise choice for men, the Mytra Fusion will help you tone muscles, improve endurance, and burn calories wherever you are. They are comfortable and secure, with an evenly distributed load.
    Thanks to their moisture-absorbent fabric, you shouldn’t be a sweaty mess when you finish working out with the Mytra Fusion ankle weights.
    The Mytra Fusion ankle weights are designed with tough stitching and strong padding, ensuring their durability for frequent exercisers. They are a safe option as well, as they feature reflective trim for those who prefer to get their workouts in after dark.

  • Mytra Fusion Ankle Cuff Straps

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    These ultra versatile ankle straps are designed to ensure safety and comfort during prolonged resistance training sessions.

  • Mytra Fusion Weight Lifting Wrist Straps

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    Boost your grip strength with the Mytra Fusion Weight Lifting Wrist Straps, complete with moisture wicking Bio-Dri liner and adjustable durable straps that keep you moving.