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  • Mytra Fusion Basic Black Fight Shorts

    £12.99 Select options

    Durable construction in an understated style for extreme versatility.

  • Mytra Fusion Heat Regulator Rash Guard

    £19.99 Select options

    Keep your cool during MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai or boxing training sessions with the Mytra Fusion Heat Regulator Rash Guard base layer series.

  • Mytra Fusion Jiu Jitsu Gi Uniform

    £54.99£129.99 Select options

    Superior quality jiu jitsu Gi fabric makes it long lasting and comfortable. Strengthening finish combined with stronger fabric makes it highly resistant to shrinkage and stretching. Its super handy construction requires fewer washes and makes it recommendable insane training.

    Extra grip tech sleeves and collar allows athlete and the opponent to master the art of throwing. Superior quality machine crafted jiu jitsu belt is durable enough to last your entire training sessions.

    G-88x high quality elasticated waist band offers snug fit without adding extra burden and discomfort. Anti-slip design saves athlete from slippage and adjustments.

    Balanced weight distribution makes this Mytra fusion jiu jitsu costume super comfortable and long lasting.D-77 stitching around the collar makes it a must have. Excellent color combination gives an eye-catching sight.

    Available in six different sizes. It is highly recommended for jiu jitsu professional training.