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  • Mytra Fusion MMA Grappling Gloves

    £19.99 Select options

    Compete in style with Mytra Fusion’s extremely light weight Grappling Gloves, powered with moisture wicking breathable anti-Microbial lining and multi-layer foam padding.

    Extremely durable multi-layered foam padding equipped with closed cell sponge durafoam gel, this gloves can with stand the most extreme punishment.
    Made from PCR-Synthetic Grain leather coupled with breathable anti-microbial moisture wicking fabric that keep the hands safe. The internal proprietary lining keeps hand cool during extended training sessions
    Thick broad wrist wrap with extra wide loop closure system provide snugness at its best. Available in four size to fit the needs of athletes.
    Pro Style gloves cost half as much as many gloves of similar form and function. Their thick, into-shock foam padding make them a forgiving choice for the newer boxer who has yet to learn proper wrist and fist positioning.

  • Mytra Fusion Pro MMA Grappling Gloves

    £19.99 Select options

    Get ready for the octagon with these lightweight grappling gloves constructed with high-quality synthetic leather.