MMA Punch Bags

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  • Mytra Fusion 6ft Freestanding Punching Bag

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    Perfect your striking and practise your footwork with this heavy bag without putting holes in the wall.

  • Mytra Fusion 6ft Freestanding Target Punching Bag

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    Punching bag with 12 targets for training speed and accuracy.

  • Mytra Fusion Reflex Bar Dummy

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    Train your offense and defence with the dummy that can hit you back – are you quick enough?

  • Mytra Fusion Reflex Punching Bag

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    A reactive punching bag to keep you on your toes.

  • Mytra Fusion Training Dummy

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    High-quality training aid offering a realistic target to practise with – he will take anything you can throw at him.

  • Mytra Fusion Training Dummy XL

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    Large high-quality dummy for practising your striking technique – the perfect training partner.

  • Mytra Fusion Tripod Punching Bag

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    Practise all your MMA striking with this all-round punching bag.