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  • Mytra Fusion Adjustable Skipping Rope with Plastic Handle

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    A good reason to go for this adjustable jump rope with plastic handles is it adaptable design. It does not just burn calories but goes out it purpose by helping martial artists, MMA practitioners and boxers in their strength and coordination trainings.

    Its user-friendly construction besides assuring speed jumping makes it highly recommendable for cross-fits, cross over, heel to heel , toe to toe, heel to toe, double under, fancy hand movement, free style jumping, Straddle Cross, arm wrap, can can and shuffle etc.

    It provides variety of benefits to its user besides giving them cheap yet very effective full body workout like enhanced leg speed, footwork, coordination and improved agility. Continuous use can help you achieve well toned muscles and developed thighs. If you find gym workouts exhausting let this Mytra Fusion adjustable jump rope do the work for you.

    This Mytra fusion adjustable skipping rope can be adjusted by just loosening up the screw, cutting off the extra and the jump rope is good to go by just plugging back the rubber cap. If you are training for cross fit competition, or working on shedding extra weight and you want to make this fitness thing more fun and easier than you should give this jump

    rope a shot.

    It is originally developed to bring revolutionary changes to your body and is constructed to give you the perfect shape you long for the entire summer. Its adaptable design and durable nature makes it recommendable for MMA, Boxing, and Martial Arts training as well. Comes in attractive colors

  • Mytra Fusion Adult Shin Pad

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    The Mytra Shin Guard promises superior protection without sacrificing agility, with reinforced, cushioned support you can spar as hard as you like without the impact.

  • Mytra Fusion Boxing Shin Guard

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    Protect the delicate shin area during training with our Mytra Fusion Boxing Shin Guard. Polyester coating makes it resistant to tears, shrinkage or stretching while our advanced padding system offers shock absorption.

  • Mytra Fusion Round Strike Pad

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    Reinforced handles make this the most reliable training accessory.

  • Mytra Fusion Shin Instep Guards

    £12.99 Select options

    Stay protected while sparring with the Mytra Fusion Shin Instep Guards. Made with breathable elasticated CPX-Nano fabric and dual layered Jambo-Eva padding, these shock absorbing shin guards won’t weigh you down during combat.