Mytra Fusion Weight Lifting Belt Ultra Sleek Camo Fitness Neoprene Mesh

Size Large
Material Neoprene
Brand Mytra Fusion
Colour Camo Pink
Closure type Hook and Loop

 About this item

  • The weight lifting belt is designed for maximum performance, comfort, and super cool looks. The foam core interior is made from soft, breathable, plush tricot lining comfortably supporting the back and abdominals during heavy lifts. The heavy-duty straps allow you to set a good amount of compression to keep that waist tight throughout your workout.

  • The Belt is shaped and designed to prevent any surfaces from digging into the sides of your waist due to the conjured shape and padded adjustable straps. Feel and look your best while promoting safe weight lifting techniques.

  • The belt features an inner layer padded with thick foam and felt fabric. The core of the belt features ultra-light foam located beneath abrasion-resistant nylon skin; built to provide back support and maintain muscle warmth.

  • The weight belt is designed with wider ends to provide optimal abdominal support, while the narrow sides fit naturally around the side of your body to minimize rubbing against the rib cage. This belt come in Three color option and 5 sizes to choose from.

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