Mytra Fusion 4 inch Leather Weightlifting Belt Back Support Fitness Training Pink Belt

Size Small
Material Leather
Brand Mytra Fusion
Colour Brown
Closure type Buckle

About this item

  • ✅ Mytra Fusion leather combo giant weightlifting belt is designed specifically for fitness lovers. Made from a combination of high-quality prime durable suede and full-grain leather this best provides the best comfort and support to the spinal.

  • ✅ The hardcore stitching and unique design with 2-Pin closure this best is the most desirable among the trainers and athletes. The B-cross belt help to reduce spinal flexion creating safer biomechanics with wider abdomen support during the deadlifting sessions. The back protection helps in avoiding injury and maximize workout performance.

  • ✅ It helps in gaining confidence during extreme powerlifting sessions by providing superior hardcore back protection. The special FRG-Back Rest technology enhances the comfort level of the spine and vertebral column to the maximum during the lifting and workout sessions. Ergonomically designed this belt fits with the shape of the body providing maximum protection to the dorsal bones.

  • ✅ The RCK- adjustable 2-pin locking system provide extra snugness and strength. Orthopedically designed this belt has the ability to enhance the overall comfort and stability of the bones and make lifting easy which will eventually help in achieving the best possible results.

  • ✅ Inspired by the Z-Smart design sensation this belt covers the wider 4" area of the back and provides exceptional support to the back during a power lifting session. Made from genuine cowhide leather this belt insures the best lifting technique and maintains an equilibrium which helps to attain momentum for deadlifting sessions.

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