Mytra Fusion Adult Hand wraps 3.75 Meters Gym Fitness Workout Sparring Wraps




Black, Blue, Red, Union Jack


  • These Mytra Fusion Hand wraps (Hand bandages) produced using best quality Polyester offers high adaptability and usefulness.

  • Polyester makes the texture incompletely climate verification and sun safe. Their Durable nature causes them survive innumerable exercise sessions. Because these are produced using long-lasting and enduring polyester combined with warm small-scale fiber spandex, this hand wrap bolster is to a great degree strong and durable.

  • Which is resistant to stretching and shrinkage. With the wide 3.75 meter wrap these wraps cover a wide zone and give more noteworthy assurance to the knuckles and back of palm.

  • Outfitted with a stretchable K-Knit elasticated material for offering help against the accident.

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