Mytra Fusion Body Shield Abdomen Ribs Protector Abdominal Guard Belly Protection

Mytra Fusion Body protector belly pad is designed to provide complete protection to the chest, belly, and ribs is considered to be one of the best protective gear in the protective armor series by Mytra. Made from high-quality PU-Synthetic leather this gear can resist the most extreme punishment. When you are considering excessive punching training this can serve the best gear in front of the opponent.

The CGR-hardcore padding offers a complete shield against the strikes. Aerodynamically designed this shield allows easy movement and extended protection. The Z-Smart designed allows this belly and Ribs guard to bear the most extreme blows. With the multi-layered extended CGR-padding coupled with TQR shock-resistant simulated technology, this Abdomen and Rib guard has the ability to resist the forceful impact.

The tri layered Pad-X material diverges the impact of force and refrains its transmission to the belly. The CGR-core padding has shock absorption properties which give protection from forceful punches.

Made from top quality carbon fiber and synthetic G-Leather that gives protection to the belly injury during training and combat. Equipped with a C-fiber strip and Swift-Z Adjustable closure system for snugness and comfortability.

This Belly guard has a unique XR-Dissemination shock absorbent feature which disseminates the total force of the strike across the pads equally and lowered the impact. The internal RX-core synthetic leather incorporates

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