Mytra Fusion Hook & Jab Mitts Curved Focus Pads Strike Boxing Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Punching training punching sparring

Brand Mytra Fusion
Material Synthetic Leather Upper Cover
Hand orientation Elasticated & Polyester
Glove type Punching
Colour Black / Blue
Age range (description) Adult
Lining description Leather

About this item

  • Mytra Fusion focus pad is ergonomically designed for the needs of extreme combat training. Made from high-quality TRIPPLE-CORE synthetic leather these pads are extremely lightweight and easy to put on.
  • The Ultra UKL-Micro Fiber makes this striking pad extremely durable. The internal Tri-layered GX-Core fiber padding allows the strike shield to bear the strongest impacts of force.
  • The unique XRX- shock absorbent feature disseminates the total potency of the strike across the pads equally and drops the impact
  • Armed with a power disseminator HX-Core Pad integrated CL-Ball grip which serves coach with matched grip in extreme punching and jabbing sessions. EX-mesh-panel wicks away the moisture and keeps the air contact intact. Internal hand contour holds the hand well thus eliminating readjustments.
  • Extra padded wrist panel besides providing insane support during heavy punching but also aids in keeping the hand locked in place. Made to provide unmatched protection, Designed as per the needs of professionals!

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