Mytra Fusion Kids Inner Gloves Hybrid Boxing Hand Wraps Gel Padded Punching MMA Muay Thai

Size Junior
Colour Pink
Material Elasticated & Polyester
Brand Mytra Fusion
Glove type Training

About this item

  • Mytra kids’ inner gloves are specifically designed for the fortification of hands and wrists during the combat and training sessions. Mytra Neo padded advanced gym glove series is a prime flex neo addition in the fitness equipment range. Stitched using a Triple-needle fleece Pico-thread which strengthens the composition and makes this glove extremely durable.

  • The internal JP-Nano composition allows air contact with the hands surface and keeps hands stress free during long sessions. The Grip flex technology enhances the ease and reduces the slippage.

  • Armed with prime quality Pro-Flex Breathable Mesh these gloves give a stunning feel and comfort to the hands. Fits perfectly under any boxing gloves. Mytra kids’ boxing inner gloves strap provides balanced wrist stability with the ability to withstand more weight without causing uneasiness and discomfort. Hand and wrist protection is ensured with gel padding for augmented shock absorption.

  • The gel padding lessens the risk of injury from punching heavy boxing bags. It also incorporates the Nano stomas which keep the hands dry at peak sessions. The kids’ gloves are made using stretchable hybrid fabric for sung fit and relief.

  • These gloves are a perfect combination of technological advancement and aesthetic innovation which is extracted from the feedback of professionals around the globe that make these ones wreck less. It comes with a Swift-Z Hook & Loop closure for ease of use.

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