Mytra Fusion Shin Pad G-Tech Padding Elasticated Kick Boxing Muay Thai Training

Size L-XL
Brand Mytra Fusion
Colour Black

About this item

  • Mytra Fusion Shin protector is a prime addition in the protective range. Made from highly durable synthetic Shine-X leather technology which is easy to durable and easy to clean. Equipped with G-Strap Velco to give a snug fit for the shins.

  • Best for combat and training sessions as it is made using thick PU-X injected mould which has the shock absorption properties. The Pad-X shock absorbent technology provide protection to the entire shin. Ergonomically designed for fighters to have complete freedom in movement and reduces the chances of injury.

  • Made using 6th Gen fight sensation these pads have no match in terms of protection and comfort. With the RDK -Multilayered compressed padding this pad can resist the most extreme blows. The posterior TUX-Strength grippers provide an excellent grip during the long sessions it allows the shin pad to be used in various angles.

  • Stitched using a RAW Triple-needle fleece Pico-thread which strengthen the composition and make this pad extremely durable. The external classic hand stitched VB-tech covering provide additional durability and sturdiness. Powered by a multilayered FGR-Compressive EU-Padding offers enhanced protection and has the ability to resist the strongest blows.

  • The shin pad incorporates the EC-Gel C-Shock technology that disseminate the impact of force equally throughout the pad and resist its transformation to the connecting surface which reduces the risk of injury to the minimum.

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