Mytra Fusion Sweat Suit Weight Loss Slimming Fitness Gym Exercise Training






2X-Large, Large, Medium, X-Large

  • Mytra Fusion Sauna Suit is built to accommodate both men and women, This Track Suit dramatically increases sweat output for impressive loss of water weight.

  • Achieving your fitness goals faster with significantly less effort. Best neoprene waist trimmer trainer will make your muscle temperature more than usual, the thermal vest helps you prevent post-workout fatigue and injuries, release toxins at skin level

  • Mytra Sweat Suit is an excellent workout solution for boxers. It's comfortable and built for ease of movement and maximum sweat induction, so you can keep working the speed or heavy bag while wearing it and let your body heat do the rest.

  • Constructed from PVC-coated Neoprene, the Mytra Heavy Duty Sweat Suit is designed to trap your body heat to get you sweating and shedding water weight quickly. It features elastic cuffs and waist bands to ensure you're as hot as possible while working out.

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