Mytra Fusion Gym Gloves Weight lifting Fitness Workout Padded Gloves

Brand Mytra Fusion
Material Polyester, Neoprene, Cotton
Size S/M
Sport Exercise and Fitness
Colour Grey/Black

About this item

  • Mytra Fusion Neo Advanced Sport Grip Gloves Series is a prime Flex Neo addition to the fitness equipment range by Mytra. Unique style and design active grip with raw space on the back for the hand and reinforced protection on the palm and figures.

  • Made with a water-resistant neoprene with PBR Gel-infused rubberized padding itself, the Umverteilung based on where the voltage is coming. Excellent for powerlifting this Mytra grip glove features a range of rubberized points, avoid a barbell slipping in center curves.

  • Versatile design with smooth inner liner, making this a bench press bar is less durable and makes it possible to be used in any weightlifting, Powerlifting strength training, and workouts. PCX Double-stitched technology improves durability. PPL polyester cotton lining with an open-air cut on the inside back cover reduces odor and encourage the circulation of blood.

  • The Prime Gel Neon Printed grip glove is famous for its unique design and comfort. The grip gloves are a perfect combination of technological development and aesthetic innovation is extracted from feedback from professionals around the world. Powered by C Gel padding support on the palm for extreme lifting and bar sessions.

  • The gel integrated palm provides added protection padding for heavy lifting. It is also safe to use stable lifting for the wrist, the reduce the chance of injury to the lowest possible. In four vibrant colors.

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