Mytra Fusion MMA Gloves Grappling Martial Arts Sparring Punching Bag

Size S/M
Material Leather
Brand Mytra Fusion
Glove type Training
Closure type Hook and Loop

About this item

  • Mytra Fusion Pro-Light Weight MMA Training Grappling gloves powered with moisture-wicking breathable lining is considered to be a complete package for catering the training needs of professionals.

  • The articulate padding with GCR-Cushioned palm sections makes it the best option for the trainers and athletes who are considering serious training especially circuit training routines that involve heavy bags. Pro-Style gloves cost half as much as many gloves of similar form and function.

  • Their thick, into-shock foam padding make them a forgiving choice for the newer boxer who has yet to learn proper wrist and fist positioning. These gloves have more than enough padding for hours of use with a heavy bag, yet they also offer the flexibility for use during grappling or kickboxing training sessions.

  • Their reinforced stitching helps these gloves stand up to all kinds of punishment. They offer excellent wrist support thanks to a tapered, wraparound closure area that can also be quickly opened for fast removal.

  • Their contoured shape helps the hand assume the correct fist position for proper technique and safety. These durable, long-lasting gloves maintain their shape after thousands of strikes against the heavy bag.

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